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Page Updated 05/17/2017

Fidget Spinner toys and other EDC (every day carry) items are designed to occupy your mind and prevent you from continuing irritating habits. Many people use fidget spinners to help them stop annoying habits. Some habits that people use fidget spinners to stop are: nail biting, smoking, tape rolling, and other habits.

On this website we are reviewing spinners, fidget toys, and other ADD items. We provide mountains of information that will help you find the ultimate device for your needs and budget.

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What is a Fidget Spinner?

A fidget spinner is a toy or small device that you carry with you every single day (EDC). They come in various sizes and are made from several different materials. Currently, many fidget devices are made using 3D printing technology and utilize a wide range of bearings to make them spin.

The idea is that by carrying an EDC fidget device, you will be able to curb unwanted habits such as nail biting and smoking. Instead of fidgeting around with your finger nails you can simply grab the spinner and play with it. Many people have successfully curbed unwanted habits using fidget toys.

Another variation of the edc fidget toy is called a fidget ring. This is a ring that you wear on your finger that has an inner band that locks into place. The outer band is then manipulated using your other fingers. This type of fidget toy is said to come from Tibetan meditation techniques. The Tibetans called this device a “worry ring” because it was said to have a calming effect on the mind and body.

Spinner toys and other fidget toys for ADD sufferers are quickly becoming popular. Many people are experiencing calming effects by channeling their fidgeting or other ADD symptoms into EDC spinner toys.

Fidget devices are known to help with mild to moderate anxiety and stress. If you have severe anxiety you might not benefit as much from using an EDC fidget toy. Only you know how well your body will react to using one of these toys but it’s important to note that many people have been able to curb unwanted habits and reduce stress using fidget things.

brass fidget spinner toy
tibetan spinner ring

Different Types of Fidget Spinners

There are many different types of EDC fidget toys. Some are designed to be fidget toys for those who suffer from ADD or ADHD, some are designed to help break bad or dangerous habits, and some are just for fun.

Below we will outline the different kinds of fidget toys and explain how they are to be used.

Dual Bar Spinner

The dual bar fidget spinning toy is a very simple and compact design. These types of spinners rely on the use bearings to make them spin. Manufacturers are now utilizing some the highest quality ABEC-7 bearings in their designs.

Several years ago, before ADD fidget toys became popular, manufacturers we making dual bar fidget toys using wood, fiberglass, and other materials. Since then the design has advanced and manufacturers are now using 3D printing to make their designs.

Dual bar fidget toys usually consist of three bearings lodged inside a piece of plastic or wood. The bearings serve to allow the user to spin the device in various ways. Everyone uses their spinner in a different way so it’s important to have multiple modes of use.

A dual bar ADHD fidget toy is an excellent entry level device for someone who is just beginning to learn about the uses of fidget toys. They are designed to be EDC and are generally compact enough to take anywhere.

dual bar fidget toy

Tri-Bar ADD Spinner

The tri-bar fidget spinner adds another level of use to the original dual-bar spinner. The tri-bar device is able to be manipulated in a wide variety of ways which can be even more soothing for the user. A lot of adults with ADD or ADHD find the tri-bar spinner configuration to be the most pleasing.

When a person suffers from ADHD or ADD they constantly feel the need to be moving of doing something. This can lead to poor concentration and is often treated with medication such as Adderall. ADHD medications have many unwanted side effects and are not always the best route.

Tri-bar fidgets allow adults suffering from ADHD to focus their extra energy into the toy. This can help with concentration, relaxation, and other powerful benefits.

triibar fidget spinner

Image credits: Etsy, Fidget Revolution

Quad Bar Spinner

The quad bar spinner configuration is for the ultimate fidgeter! With this device you have four different ways to manipulate the spinner. The quad spinner setup builds upon the dual-bar and tri-bar setup to add another level of fun.

This device usually comes with the highest quality bearings and is made from the 3D printing materials or wood. The quality of the hand spinner depends greatly upon the materials used to build the device.

If you’re a major fidgeter or if you have ADD, the quad bar fidget might be for you.

quad fidget spinner

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Custom and DIY Fidget Devices

If you want a fidget spinner but are on a budget, you might be interested in making your own fidget toys. Lots of people from around the world have produced some really cool DIY fidget toys that are beyond awesome.

A lot of custom and DIY spinners are made from wood, copper, carbon fiber, brass, steel, plastic, and other materials. We tried to find some of the best photos from around the internet featuring custom fidget toys.

In the future, we will put together a tutorial that will show you how to make your very own fidget toy but for now you can just look at the photos and be inspired.

DIY fidget spinner

Image credits:

Fidget Spinner Vs. Fidget Cube

Fidget cubes serve almost the same purpose as fidget spinners except they do not spin. They provide the fidgeter with various buttons and clicking objects. Fidgets cubes are good for people who enjoy clicking pens or pressing buttons. Below is an image that shows how fidget cubes and how they differ from spinners.

fidget cube

The Manufacturing and Buying Process

Buying a fidget spinner online can be an easy process. There are many vendors, mostly on Etsy, that are producing some really great fidget toys. These makers are based in the USA and put out a very high quality product with high quality components. They are using some of the best bearings, some manufacturers are using up to ABEC-11!

So far we aren’t seeing many Chinese companies, if any, produce and market spinner devices. As we know from the electronic cigarette movement, once China gets involved we will see both pricing and quality deteriorate. I always recommend purchasing products from USA based companies because it not only helps our economy but also gives you a much higher quality product.

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What Are Fidget Spinners Made From?

Because most spinners are made using 3D printing systems and ABS is the most common plastic used for 3D printing, most fidgets are made from ABS plastic. Some makers are also using a variety of metals and other materials but the most common material is definitely ABS plastic.

ABS plastic is purchased in rolls and referred to as filament. These rolls come in various colors and are loaded into the 3D printer. The manufacturer will then load their design and watch the 3D printer start to produce the spinner. It often takes many revisions before the maker gets their design 100% correct. There’s definitely some trial and error involved.

Because ABS is incredibly strong, spinners made using this material are very resilient and make excellent EDC items. Other materials such as brass, steel, and aluminum are also good for EDC but can somewhat heavy.

ABS fidget spinner material

Who Should Use a Fidget Toy?

There are lots of use cases for fidget spinners and other fidget toys. Most people use them to stay focused on projects or to combat bad habits. While these are the most common uses we are starting to see fidget spinners make their way into the hands of people suffering from adult ADD or ADHD, autism, and other neurological disorders.

While many people look at fidget toys as more of a holistic remedy, science has proven that fidgeting with something can lead to stress and anxiety relief. In the past fidgeting was viewed as a bad habit, along with nail biting and other unsavory practices, but now people are learning to cope with their urges by using fidget spinners like the ones we have in our store.

Fidget Toy Use Cases

Below we will outline some ways that fidget toys can help with various issues. If you have an interesting fidget toy use case, please email us:

Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

Are you the type of person of suffers from stress and anxiety work? Are constantly moving your legs or clicking a pen? If so, you might be a good candidate for a fidget toy. Fidget devices can occupy your mind and allow you to focus on the task you are trying to complete. Because your stress and anxiety will have an outlet, you should feel more calm and less stressed as your day wears on.

People have been shown to retain information better when they take notes by hand as opposed to typing. Another study found that doodling has also been shown to boost memory and information retention. Doodling and fidgeting can also help most people refrain from daydreaming.

stress relief cube

Adult ADD or ADHD

Those suffering from ADD and ADHD can have a hard time staying focused and committing to completing tasks at work. Sufferers often have problems staying on task which can result in poor performance reviews, missed promotions, and other negative outcomes.

While it’s true that many people are successful when they only do one task at a time, adults with ADHD usually have the opposite effect. By fidgeting with a non-intrusive toy, the ADHD sufferer can apply the right amount of focus to the more important task such as a work or school project.

There is a lot of information around the web that details the success of ADHD sufferers who have begun using fidget spinners. Maybe you should try it too!


For people who suffer from autism, the world can be a very overwhelming place. Children and adults with autism can have sensory overloads that cause stress and fear. People with autism tend to fidget naturally as a coping mechanism so providing them with a device specifically for fidgeting can have some pretty great results.

If the person suffering from autism is fidgeting using their body, it can draw attention from onlookers and possibly make the situation even more uncomfortable. However, the person is using a fidget spinner or other fidget toy, people are less likely to take notice and uncomfortable situations can be avoided.

For more information about autism visit: Autism Speaks.

School Age Children

As EDC Fidgets become more and more popular, we are seeing a lot of educators and school administrators purchsing them for their pupils. Because school age children tend to fidget more frequently, it can be important to provide an outlet for all of this energy.

Teachers of grade school and middle school age children have seen some success by implementing these toys in their classrooms. A large portion of our customers are school age children as well.

Kids love these fidget toys because it allows them to express themselves by having an item that they own and can use with their friends. My niece has even traded spinners with her classmates. Kid really enjoy these toys and parents enjoy not seeing their child fidget constantly.

Fidget Spinner Videos

Here are some fidget spinner toy videos from Epic Snuggle Bunny. Be sure to visit his YouTube Channel for more info.

Type of FidgetPrice RangeMaterialManufacture ProcessFidget Rating (1-5)
Tri Bar Fidget Spinner$13-$32PLA, ABS, Aluminum, Wood3D Printing, Injection Molding4
Dual Bar Spinner$8-$17PLA, ABS, Aluminum, Wood3D Printing, Injection Molding3
Fidget Cube$9-$12Plastic, AluminumInjection Molding3
Fidget Ring$9-$15Aluminum, SteelCasting2