Everything You Need To Know About Fidget Spinners

Everything You Need To Know About Fidget Spinners

Some of us can’t see Rubix cubes, yo-yos or Tamagotchis without thinking about their childhood. It seems that every generation has a defining toy. In an era where children seem to pay more attention to their phones and video games than to actual toys, it seems difficult to believe that top-selling toys are simple gadgets like the fidget spinner and the fidget cube. And the secret of this success could be in how simple these toys are – they encourage children, teens, and even adults to take a break and focus on an object that allows for a very simple tactile interaction.
What Are Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners are small handheld toys that include a central piece and an outer piece with three or sometimes two rounded blades. The two are connected with a ball bearing that allows the outer piece to spin while the central piece is held between two fingers. The ball bearing makes it easy to keep the toy spinning and provides a fun tactile experience. And there is a lot more than just spinning – head to YouTube to see how children and teens are improvising figures with their fidget spinners. Some users are tossing their fidget spinner, transferring them from one hand to another or even playing with multiple spinners at once.

Before becoming the official toy of the summer, fidget spinners were originally designed as a therapeutical aid for children and teens who suffer from conditions such as ADHD or autism. The purpose of these toys is to provide children with something they can focus on and offer an interesting tactical experience. The toy quickly caught on, and it seems that every child will soon have their own fidget spinner. Online sales are exploding, and stores can’t keep fidget toys on the shelves. And fidget spinners are not just for children and teens. They help relax people by providing a distraction, by keeping their hands busy and even by giving them something to look at. Fidget spinners can help with stress, anxiety, focus and provide a break from technology.

There are a few downsides to fidget spinners. There is no evidence that these toys actually help children who suffer from ADHD and other conditions. These toys are not adapted to small children because of the moving part. Fidget spinners gain weight and momentum thanks to the ball bearing design and a small child could hurt themselves. And teachers already hate them since they seem to distract children in the classroom more than they help them stay focused besides representing a safety hazard in a room full of children. (http://www.livescience.com/58916-fidget-spinner-faq.html)
Best Fidget Spinners

Because of its simple design and functionality, you might feel that all fidget spinners are the same thing. The truth is that these toys vary considerably in quality. There are a few features to look for if you want a toy that will provide you or your child with a safe experience and that won’t break easily. Besides, it is important to look for a quality fidget spinner since one of the best things about this toy is the tactical experience provided by spinning it, which can only be achieved if a quality ball bearing is used.

The best fidget spinners are made with R188 bearings. These ball bearings allow for a smooth feeling when spinning the toy and provide several minutes of spinning. You can find cheap fidget spinners with low-quality bearings but these toys won’t have the same longevity and won’t be as fun to use since you won’t get the same experience when spinning them. The ball bearing is the first thing you should look at when shopping for a fidget spinner. And there is another benefit if you want to get a fidget spinner for your child – the R188 bearings models are considerably quieter than the models with 608 bearings.

You will come across different types of bearings when shopping for a fidget spinner. Some spinners are made with ceramic bearings, stainless steel bearings, and hybrid ceramic bearings. You will get the most bang for your buck if you opt for a hybrid ceramic model. Stainless steel bearings won’t spin as long as other materials and the bearings might become corroded if the fidget spinner is exposed to humidity, which considerably reduces the lifespan of the toy. Ceramic bearings have their drawbacks too since they can be noisy and can break if the fidget spinner is exposed to shocks. And more importantly, ceramic bearings won’t provide the same tactile experience than makes fidget spinners so fun and addictive to use. Hybrid ceramic bearings offer a better tactical experience, last longer and provide an optimal spinning time.

The design of the fidget spinner is another thing you will want to look at when shopping for one of these toys. The best designs are a matter of personal preference. You can find models with two or three blades, some fidget spinners with built-in LEDs and some toys made from a glow-in-the-dark material. Look for a toy with a design that will keep you or your child interested. A spinner with plastic blades is a good choice for a child, but you can find toys made from metal and other materials if you want something that will be more durable.

Fidget spinners are the most popular toy of the summer. It won’t be long before your child asks for one if they haven’t already, and you will probably see your colleagues start using their fidget spinners to manage stress at work. Why not get one for yourself now that you know what to look for?

Collection of Fidget Spinner Resources

Collection of Fidget Spinner Resources

Fidget Spinner Resources

As fidget spinners continue to grow in popularity we are seeing many websites and resources dedicated to the topic. Everything from DIY fidget spinner instructions to 3D printing plans and schematics. People are really loving these things and it’s no surprise that the internet is blowing up with all sort of content on the topic.

Below we will detail the best fidget spinner resources from around the web.

Fidget Spinner Sub Reddit

This active community of fidgeters is home to a huge discussion on the topic of fidget spinners. You’ll find everything from 3D printer plans to people asking which spinner is right for them. The conversation includes makers and pretty much any question you have can be answered rather quickly.

True to Reddit form, if you are a maker and post promotional content without engaging the community, the Redditors will quickly grab their pitchforks and remove you from the sub. Engage with the community and you won’t have any issues.

Link: Reddit Fidget Spinner Sub

Youtube Channels

There are numerous Youtube channels dedicated to EDC items. One that has particularly good videos is called EpicSnuggleBunny. This Youtuber has an entire channel dedicated to EDC items like knives, watches, and now spinners. If you like cool stuff you should check him out.

Here are some cool EDC / Fidget Spinner channels

Articles and Info

Various news outlets have written about fidget toys and how they can help adults and children stay focused at work or school. There’s definitely a scientific consensus that fidgeting is healthy and should not be avoided.

NY Times article about why fidgeting is good.

NPR on why kids should be allowed to fidget.

Wall Street Journal on how fidgeting improves creativity.

Tips for Stress Relief

Tips for Stress Relief

How to Relieve Stress

Stress is so prevalent in the U.S.A that it drives three quarters people to go through physical and psychological issues on a routine basis. When the more typical reasons for stress include job distress, money, physical health, relationships, and inadequate nutrition, it’s not a surprise that we get worn down. Besides, the majority of us get a substantial serving of these stress factors every day.

Ever felt as if you aren’t able to relax after a challenging work week? That’s due to the fact that stress triggers your body’s fight or flight reaction: your adrenaline begins pumping, your heart palpitates a lot faster, and your blood pressure increases, describes Ash Nadkarni, MD, an associate psychiatrist at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. “Long-lasting overexposure to stress hormones can cause escalated possibility of health problems including anxiety, clinical depression, heart disease, weight gain, and memory and concentration problems,” Dr. Nadkarni adds.

With these five easy stress eliminating routines, you can minimize your stress levels right away. Decide on one to start overcoming stress in less than five minutes.

1. Cuddle, Kiss, or Hug A person You Love

A solid support system is a fantastic method to beat stress throughout a rough time. One research study reveals that social support is an extremely reliable stress management process with students learning how to deal with stress. Another study demonstrated that regular hugs from a loved one can bring down blood pressure. Kick-start that support by snuggling up with someone you really love. Knowing somebody is there is typically enough to help you deal with your stress more successfully.

2. Get Outdoors and Experience the Sun on Your Face

The sun serves as a highly effective tool against stress. That’s exactly why in places where people get minimal sun in the winter, a great deal of the population experiences gloomy conditions. This is due to the fact that sunlight impacts the body’s level of serotonin, a feel-good natural chemical that helps preserve positive mood. If you can, try combining your open-air session with a bit of physical exercise, like taking a walk or cycling, to further improve your mood.

3. Pet an Animal

Human-animal connection can have beneficial effects on human beings. That’s exactly why it’s commonplace to see kids with autism, aging patients, or other handicapped people with support pets– generally cats and dogs that assist them emotionally. Spending quality time with your own family pet can help alleviate your stress, as well. If you don’t own a furry friend, meet up with a friend who does or offer services at an animal shelter, where you can have fun with and walk the cats and dogs.

4. Get out of bed early

It may seem counterproductive to rob yourself of sleep, but offering yourself an added 15 to 20 minutes before you go out will keep you feeling more invigorated– and less stressed out. “Take some time in the early morning to center yourself,” says San Francisco-based psychologist Leslie Carr, PsyD. “A lot of individuals hurry out into their days like a space rocket and it certainly never improves from there.”

Think about that caffeine takes 20 minutes to be metabolized for you to experience its reaction. Amid that time, contemplate your goals for the day or read anything motivational. You might discover that your generally crazy day proceeds a little easier.

5. Take deeper breaths

Regardless if you’re checking out in the grocery store or standing by to collect your youngsters from school, take one moment to inhale intensely through your nostrils into your abdomen, says Roswell, Ga.-based physical therapist Samuel A. Mielcarski. He recommends relaxing your palms over your lower ribcage or abdomen in order to help cue deeper breathing. “Inhaling fully and intensely into the abdomen causes a sense of calmness due to the fact that additional oxygen is getting supplied to the body’s cells, which really helps the body to unwind,” explains Olivo. “This kind of breathing also helps to enhance what is referred to as the ‘relaxation response,’ which is linked to the parasympathetic nervous system involved with soothing the body.”

Wrap Up

One of the best ways to relieve stress is to employ a fidget spinner. Fidget toys can take your mind away from issues and relax your body.