Collection of Fidget Spinner Resources

Collection of Fidget Spinner Resources

Fidget Spinner Resources

As fidget spinners continue to grow in popularity we are seeing many websites and resources dedicated to the topic. Everything from DIY fidget spinner instructions to 3D printing plans and schematics. People are really loving these things and it’s no surprise that the internet is blowing up with all sort of content on the topic.

Below we will detail the best fidget spinner resources from around the web.

Fidget Spinner Sub Reddit

This active community of fidgeters is home to a huge discussion on the topic of fidget spinners. You’ll find everything from 3D printer plans to people asking which spinner is right for them. The conversation includes makers and pretty much any question you have can be answered rather quickly.

True to Reddit form, if you are a maker and post promotional content without engaging the community, the Redditors will quickly grab their pitchforks and remove you from the sub. Engage with the community and you won’t have any issues.

Link: Reddit Fidget Spinner Sub

Youtube Channels

There are numerous Youtube channels dedicated to EDC items. One that has particularly good videos is called EpicSnuggleBunny. This Youtuber has an entire channel dedicated to EDC items like knives, watches, and now spinners. If you like cool stuff you should check him out.

Here are some cool EDC / Fidget Spinner channels

Articles and Info

Various news outlets have written about fidget toys and how they can help adults and children stay focused at work or school. There’s definitely a scientific consensus that fidgeting is healthy and should not be avoided.

NY Times article about why fidgeting is good.

NPR on why kids should be allowed to fidget.

Wall Street Journal on how fidgeting improves creativity.