Black Tri Bar Fidget Spinner – All Black

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Black Tri-Bar Fidget Spinner features faster spinning times and jet black outer bearings. The inner (spinning) bearing is an upgraded bearing that allows for much longer spinning times.

Fidget spinners are quickly becoming popular for those with ADD, ADHD, and Autism. These devices are known to help people focus and improve concentration.

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Black Fidget Spinner

Description: Black tri-bar fidget spinner with multi colored outer bearings. Spinner uses upgraded inner bearing.

This fidget spinner is black on black with sleek, jet black plastic and black colored outer bearings. The spinning caps are also black.


2 reviews for Black Tri Bar Fidget Spinner – All Black

  1. Jonathan


  2. Beth Hoppkins

    For the outstanding price this spinner has to offer and it 5+ minutes of spin time there is nothing else out there that can match the joy this spinner brings to my heart. The reason this spinner is not receiving a 5th star is only because of the quality of the outer bearings. It seems as if they spent a majority of the budget on the center bearing and forgot us people that like to do sick spinner ticks. The outside bearings are very stiff so I would only recommend this spinner to the casual audience. Thank you so much for your time reading this review and thank you for producing such a great spinner.

    Happy Spinning,
    Beth Hoppkins

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