blue fidget spinner EDC

Blue Triangle Fidget Spinner EDC

$29.99 $19.99

The Navigator is a tri-bar EDC fidget spinner that will help you maintain focus. It uses high quality stainless steel bearings that spin for around 30 seconds! This fidget spinner provides hours of fidgeting.

Fidget spinners have been shown to improve concentration by taking away the individual’s need to be distracted.

Hand made fidget spinner. 3D printed in ABS plastic so it won’t melt or warp on a hot day. Skate bearings for long lasting spinning.


Product Description

Board sitting still, tired of tapping your feet or hands or making a rubber pencil then give this thing a spin. Don’t feel like waiting for a cube? Spin between your fingers, balance on your finger tips, spin on the table, and toss it around.

Basic Bearings comes with 4 generic skate bearing so its ready to spin as soon as you receive it! These are not cheapo grease sealed bearings these spin well right off the bat and get better!

Item is roughly 58.5mm x 12.8mm

3D Printed and hand assembled by Fidget ThingsĀ in the USA. These spinners are designed by me, printed by me, assembled, by me, packaged by….well you get the point

Get the most unique spinners out there at the most reasonable price.

Each Spinner is printed in ABS plastic so it wont melt or warp on a hot day and can survive a typical fall much better then PLA


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